Friday the 13th

I’m not superstitious.  Friday the 13th hasn’t ever been an unlucky day for me, at least not so far.  And today has started off to be pretty lucky.  For one thing, it rained this morning!!  Rain!!!  Puddles!!!  Woo hoo! And then, going over the causeway on the way to work, there was an enormous rainbow out to the west.  Wonderful.

I was making out my grocery list, based on the flyer from the grocery store, and trying to stick to “real food” on the list.  It’s mostly produce, with some bread thrown in.  I need some bread to put in the freezer for hurricane purposes, and the kind I like is buy one get one free this week.  I’m going to get the basics in baking supplies, and then dig through some old recipes to find things that I can make from scratch – real food, with no chemicals.

Another point that Michael Pollan made in In Defense of Food is how little we spend on food in the US as a percentage of our total income.  As I remember, we spend about 10% of our income on food, whereas France and Italy spend about 16 to 17%.  He also said that those of us who can afford to buy fresh, organic, etc. need to do that, so that the demand for those things will increase.  That makes sense to me.

So where do I stand on the percentage measure? Right now, what I have budgeted for food is about 5%.  Way too low, according to Pollan.  I’m not sure I could do 17% – I don’t think even I could eat that much.  So far in June, I’ve spent less than $50.  (I’m still using food that I bought in May, however.)

So – the drive towards real food is on.   


One response to “Friday the 13th

  1. I find that food is a big expense for me, though in percentage, I guess it might not seem so big.
    I buy mostly organic fruits and veggies, so things do add up quickly.

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