Grocery shopping

I know a lot of people that hate going to the grocery store.  They see it in the same light as doing laundry or vacuuming – just another chore.  Personally, I enjoy it.  (I like laundry too – I know, I’m weird.  Vacuuming, however – not so much.)  As long as it’s not too crowded, that is.  If I have a long list, I try to go on Saturday morning.  I’m usually there before 9:00, and it’s not busy yet.  The tourists are either sleeping in or still at breakfast.  I like looking at labels, and comparing prices, and trying to get the best deal possible.

This trip was a little expensive, but I got a lot of staples (mostly for baking) that will last for a while.  Except for the flour/sugar/spices aisle, I managed to stay on the periphery of the store.  I got a bottle of red wine, to begin having with dinner.  I got Florida honey and Georgia onions (love those Vidalias). I got organic white and whole wheat flour, in small bags so it didn’t cost much, and I won’t have a big bag of flour sitting around forever.

The only bad news came in my quest to rid myself of high fructose corn syrup.  Sherbet was on sale, and I love sherbet, but guess what it has in it?  So I put it back and got 100% fruit bars instead.  Unfortunately, when I got home, the 7-grain bread that I got (buy one get one free) to freeze in case of hurricane emergency also has HFCS! As the fourth ingredient! Ack!  Boy, that stuff is in everything.  Sigh.


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