Maple syrup

Last weekend I got pure maple syrup at the store.  I eat homemade waffles pretty often for breakfast, and I’d been using regular pancake syrup on them.  Pancake syrup is a serious offender when it comes to the high fructose corn syrup content; usually it’s the first ingredient.  So I broke open the bank and bought a bottle of maple syrup.  Boy, is it relatively expensive. 

I tried it for the first time today, and of course it’s good, but very different from pancake syrup.   It’s much thinner, and not as sweet.  And, I tend to use less because it’s like liquid gold!  But it does point out that our taste for things is developed by what we are used to.  The TV commercials tell us that we should expect thick, rich pancake syrup.  Maple syrup is thin and doesn’t taste nearly as rich.  It’s got to be better for me.


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