Reduce, reuse, recycle

I found this post today, on reusing vs. recycling items:

And while recycling is a fantastic process, it is still an energy consuming task that requires money and resources and raw materials. Think of all the towns with recycling programs, the trucks that must transport these items, and the energy that goes into the recycling process and new products. There are significant costs associated with this green activity. Meanwhile, reusing what is already available to me only requires the energy to wash it out – and it’s free!”

I’ve been concentrating on the recycling part of the 3 R’s.  Our recyclers will take almost anything – magazines, office paper, junk mail, all sorts of glass, any plastic container that has a number – so I’ve been concentrating on rinsing everything out and putting it in the bin.

But frugal-fu is right.  It takes energy to recycle.  I’ve got to start paying more attention to the other 2 R’s – reducing and reusing.

I have taken a couple of steps in that direction lately.  On the reducing front, I stopped subscribing to the weekend newspaper – we get it at the library where I work, so it’s available to me for free, just a day later.  And as for reusing, I cut off the bottom half of an orange juice carton last week to use as a transplant container for my baby oak trees (more on those later).

But those are only a start.  I hereby declare that I will reduce and reuse more, and recycle what’s left over.


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