The “before” of before and after

Front porch before

This is the front porch of my house.  There used to be a pie-shaped piece of corrugated fiberglass covering it, held up by decorative wrought-iron posts around the outside border.  The fiberglass had been painted several times and was peeling down to the base, and the wrought iron was rusted and peeling as well.  I sanded and painted the wrought iron one year, but it didn’t help much, and the fiberglass was beyond help.  Then, in September ’04, Hurricane Frances tore a chunk out of the center of the fiberglass.  After that it not only looked bad, it wasn’t very protective either.  Finally, a couple of years ago, we tore the whole thing down.

You can see the missing soffit that used to be covered with the fiberglass.  There are a couple of pieces of wood attached to the house that used to hold up the porch structure too.  There’s no protection at all except for the overhang of the roof.  If there is any blowing rain at all, my mail gets wet.  And there’s no shade until late afternoon, so I can’t sit out there in the morning like I used to.

Something has to be done, and it’s finally going to be.  A carpenter/contractor friend is coming over this morning to see what we can do with the area.  At the very least, he can replace the soffit to keep the animals out (there were birds nesting in there earlier in the year).  I’m hoping he can figure out a way to make it a porch again, as well.

This time, though, without fiberglass.


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