Local food

I was going to go to the farmer’s market today.  I’m sorry to say I’ve never been there, even though it’s not that far away.  It’s really not on the way to any of my other usual weekend errands.  It is on the way to work, but it’s only open on Saturday.  Anyway, I didn’t go, because I wanted to get some yard work done before it rains.

So, I headed off to Publix.  Bananas were $0.49/lb forever, and now they’re $0.69.  Still a bargain, but that’s a big percentage increase.  I’m sure it’s due to fuel costs, since they come from Costa Rica or similar places.  Red grapes were on sale, $1.29/lb, so I got some.  They’re from California, but at least they’re not from Chile.  (Nothing against Chile – I’m talking about getting food grown as close to here as possible.)  They had organic strawberries advertised for $2.99/lb, but there weren’t any on the shelf. 

Tomatoes on the vine were $1.49/lb; they’re from California too.  I know we grow tomatoes in Florida; I don’t know why they’re never in the grocery store.  Maybe they all go to restaurants.  Tomatoes are definitely one of the first things I’m going to grow when I get my garden going.  Blackberries were $4.00/pint – very expensive, but that’s as cheap as they ever get, and I love them.  They were advertised as being from Georgia, but upon looking at the label, they’re actually from Florida!  Yay!

Peaches and nectarines were $1.99/lb and have been for several weeks now.  I didn’t get any today, but I have in past weeks.  They’re from California too, and here we are, sharing a border with the Peach State.  There have been Georgia peaches in the store in years past; maybe they’ll show up a little later.

So, this week my produce is not all that local.  At least it’s local in that it’s all from the U.S.  And I didn’t get any organic strawberries; I don’t know where they would have been from.  I am definitely going to the farmers’ market next week and check it out.

This is not food-related, but – for the first time today, recycled toilet paper was on sale for the same amount as the non-recycled – 24 double rolls for $11.00.  And the unit cost (per square foot) of the recycled paper towels was lower than that of the non-recycled ones!  Maybe enough people are buying those that they can be competitively priced.  If only that were true of organic produce – maybe someday.  If all goes as planned, though, I’ll be growing a lot of my own well before that happens.


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