Laundry resolutions

I read two good posts over the weekend about laundry, specifically about line drying vs. using the dryer.  One post was at Get Rich Slowly and the other was at Finding Simplicity.  Sharon at Finding Simplicity gives detailed directions for drying clothes outside, from what kind of line and clothespins to use, to how to avoid wrinkles.  (She’s in the UK; she calls clothespins “pegs.”)

I have a couple of problems with drying clothes outside, and Get Rich Slowly mentions one of them: rain.  For about seven months out of the year, we get rain which is very unpredictable.  It can be nice and sunny at the start of the day, with only a 30% chance of rain, and by the time I get home it’s pouring.  Since I’m not home to rush outside and grab the laundry off the line when it starts to rain, outdoor drying isn’t going to work very well for me during the rainy season.

Another problem with drying clothes outside, for those of us with allergies, is that the clothes end up full of whatever pollen happens to be floating around.  Here, in the spring, everyone’s cars turn yellow for a couple of weeks when the pine pollen is abundant, and a lot of us are sneezing our heads off.  The last thing I need is to bring a laundry load of pine pollen, or any other pollen, into my house.

Having said that – using the dryer does use a lot of electricity.  Get Rich Slowly also mentions drying clothes inside.  I do that for everything that says “line dry;” I have one of those fold-up drying racks that I pull out when I need it.  I guess I could use it a lot more than I do, at least for things that wouldn’t have to be ironed.  I hate ironing.  (My iron is the one that I got when I went off to college, 34 years ago.  It’s a dry iron; I don’t think they even make them any more.  I got it with S&H Green Stamps.  🙂  One of my life goals is to never have to buy an iron.  I’m doing pretty well with that one so far.)

So, I hereby resolve to use my fold-up drying rack whenever possible to dry clothes.  We’ll see how it goes.


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