The indoor drying experiment, phase 1

This morning, I pulled out the folding drying rack and set it up in the guest bedroom, where the A/C vent aimed toward it.  I had a full load of clothes in the washer, and ended up hanging most of it on the rack.  I put two pairs of pants and four shirts (work clothes that I didn’t want to wrinkle) in the dryer; everything else (pajamas, an old T-shirt, and lots and lots of underwear) went on the rack.  This evening, 11 hours later, when I checked it, everything was almost dry.  It will be dry by morning.

The few things that did go in the dryer took less time than usual, since there wasn’t all that other stuff in there with it.  So I will be saving some electricity this way, at least 10 minutes per load if not more.  Phase 1 is a success!

In other electric news, I think 79 degrees is the highest I’m going to be able to turn the thermostat.  There are some mornings that I get hot while I’m getting dressed and I don’t get cooled off until I’m at work.  (Even with using the A/C in the car, my drive to work isn’t long enough for me to get completely cooled off – then I’ve got to walk from the parking lot to the building.)  I don’t feel like I need to turn it back down to 78 degrees, though, so I should be saving a few more dollars than previously.

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