Use it up, use it again

I cleaned out several drawers and my bathroom linen closet this weekend.  I’ve lived in this house for eight years now, and you’d think I’d have things the way I want them, but…well, I’m gradually getting there.  I didn’t find much to give away this time, but I did take several things to work (printer paper and labels, since I no longer have a printer here, and a bunch of pencils) and generally organized everything better.  Anyway, I was able to re-use a jelly jar as a container for my ponytail holders, and a pasta sauce jar for Q-tips.  (The pasta sauce jar still smelled a little like pasta sauce, even though it was clean, so I tossed a sliver of soap in there.  It did the trick.)

I also cut the bottom half off an orange juice carton, to use as an intermediate pot for an oak tree sprout.  I have two more cartons I’m drinking from now, for two more sprouts.  That will save me from having to buy that size of pots.  The sprouts are in a big clay pot now, so I’m going to try to plant some lettuce in there when it’s empty.

The other thing that I do every year at this time is eat up nearly everything that’s in the freezer.  That way, in case we have a big storm and the power goes out for an extended period, I won’t lose anything too valuable from there.  I’ve been working on it for a while, and I’m almost there.  I have one more serving of fish, a bag of brussels sprouts, a half bag of blueberries, a couple of Eggos, and some ice cream.  The rest is ice.  I keep several Ziploc – style containers filled up with water in there (which of course has frozen), with the lids on so it never evaporates.  I also have a couple of freezer bags with water/ice too, and I’m going to add more when I get rid of a little more food.  I never keep a lot in the freezer during the rest of the year, so there’s always room for ice.  It keeps me from having to buy bags of ice when there’s a storm coming, and leaves more for everyone else.  🙂

This weekend, I’m going to the farmers’ market, and I’m going to do a wardrobe inventory.


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