Life’s too short to live without…

…what??  Everyone probably has one thing that other people have given up easily, or for health reasons – one thing that can be replaced with something less fattening, less expensive, less incorrect, less whatever.  What’s yours?

Here’s mine: Coca-Cola.  Classic Coke – no diet, no Coke Zero, no Pepsi, no substitutes.  For me, there is nothing more wonderful on a hot day than one of those red and white cans, ice cold.  Mmmmm.

It’s my grandmother’s fault.  I was just a toddler when she used to babysit me, and she’d get me to behave with promises of Coke and potato chips.  I’ve pretty much given up the Lay’s, and I don’t miss them, but I’ve never been able to give up the Coke – at least not for very long. 

I’ve been drinking iced tea for two weeks now, and I’m over it.  It’s just not the same.  It’s unfulfilling, bland, tiresome.  So, tomorrow, I’m going back to the red and white cans.  One a day.  Mmmmm.


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