The farmers’ market

I made my first trip to our local farmers’ market today.  It opens at 7 am; I got there about 8 am and was surprised at how crowded it was.  I guess I shouldn’t have been; everyone was there early to avoid the heat as much as possible.  There were quite a few vendors there.  A lot of them had the same things, and all the prices were the same, as far as I could see.  Generally, everything was priced less than the grocery store – from 25% to 50% less. 

I got peaches from South Carolina!  Yay!  They look really nice; they’re in my windowsill ripening some more.  I got beefsteak tomatoes that look nice too; they’re ripening as well.  Got some really nice red potatoes, which I have already roasted – yum.  And I got zucchini.  I have the recipe for zucchini bread out on the counter.

There were lots of other things that I would have gotten, but I can only eat so much produce in one week.  I’m definitely going back next week.  The only thing I didn’t see that surprised me was corn; maybe no one around here is growing it.  I didn’t see any strawberries either; maybe I just missed them.  There were nice-looking peppers, and blueberries, and watermelons.  The only type of lettuce I saw was romaine; one person had cabbages.

I was hoping to find some homemade jam, and there was a family there selling it, but a smallish jar of blackberry jam was $6.75!  That’s about twice the price of Smucker’s in the store.  I’m sure it’s delicious, but I just can’t justify that.

Anyway, my first venture to the market was a definite success.  It’s on my list of regular Saturday morning outings, and I’ll definitely be eating healthier as a result.

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