Reduce, reuse, recycle vs. de-cluttering

I was putting away clean dishes this morning and realized that I’m going to have to reorganize one of my cabinets.  It’s getting kind of crowded with the plastic containers and glass jars that I’ve been keeping to reuse.  I still have room, and I already have plans for all of the plastic tubs.  But – what happens when I run out of room??

I don’t like clutter.  Eight years ago I moved from a 2400 square foot house to this 1200 sq. foot one.  I had multiple garage sales before I moved, and gave away more stuff, but still had too much for this house when I got here.  I’ve been decluttering ever since.  The speed of my decluttering has increased greatly over the past year and a half, since I turned 50.  I started looking around at the house and imagining my nephew having to go through all of my stuff, and I didn’t want to put that on him.  Since then I’ve been trying to get down to the essentials with renewed determination.

Reducing and recycling definitely help you keep clutter down.  Reusing doesn’t.  All of those jars and tubs have to go somewhere.  Since I’ve already gotten rid of a mess o’ stuff, I don’t have a lot of organizing to do.  My plans for the margarine tubs are to sort all the various nails, washers, and other small items in the garage into their own tubs, labeled.  Once I’ve done that, though, there’s just not that much else that I have left to do with them.  I’ve already got my Q-tips and ponytail holders in jars, and that’s working out very well. 

I guess once I don’t have any more use for tubs and jars, I’ll start recycling them again.  I’ll also continue to reduce everywhere I can.

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