Random thoughts for the attention-challenged

It’s Wednesday, it’s hot out, and my concentration is lacking.  Here are some recent brief observations.


Gas prices seem to have stabilized around here.  The highest it reached at my station was $4.07; this morning I paid $3.99.


I drive by the local Toyota dealership every morning, and they’ve always had the big Tacoma trucks out by the road on the edge of the lot for everyone to covet.  Now, suddenly, the Camrys are out there.  Hmmm.  🙂


According to the sign at the gas station, cigarettes are $3.00/pack.  How can people afford to smoke?  Before I’d listen to anyone complain about gas or food prices, I’d ask them if they smoke.


If I had a couple of parrots, I could have my back yard certified as a jungle.  It’s rained a lot.  I’m getting behind in my yard work but every time I have planned to do some, it rains.


I’m looking at the pictures of Texas where Hurricane Dolly came on shore – looks flooded, lot of power lines down.  But the levees on the Rio Grande are holding for now.


Whoever invented Krispy Kreme donuts should be nominated for sainthood.



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