Solar ovens

I’ve been researching solar ovens.  Not only are they environmentally excellent, but they come in handy in times of power outages (of which, here in hurricane territory, we are always at risk).  Plus, I have a southwest-facing back yard in Florida.  Not a bad setup for cooking with the sun.

There are a lot of sites that give instructions for building your own solar oven.  I saw at least one YouTube video with a demonstration.  The links to these are easily found on a Google search, so I won’t repeat them here.  I’m not planning to build my own.  I am not the least bit handy, crafty, mechanically inclined, or any of that.  I’m lucky to be able to start my lawnmower without causing an explosion.  Therefore, I am in the market for buying one.

There are a few different ones on the market.  The one I’ve decided on is the Sport Solar Oven from the Solar Oven Society.  The Society is a non-profit organization that sends their ovens overseas to areas with fuel shortages and where they tend to use wood for fuel.  They use the funds from sales of the ovens here to help supply them to needy areas.  This one was also the best price that I saw, at about $170.00.

So, next month I’m going to spend part of my home improvement budget on a solar oven.  I’ll report back when it comes.

I did find several sites with recipes for the solar ovens; they’re listed here.  It looks like it’s used in a similar fashion to a crock-pot, except apparently you can bake cobblers and brownies in them.  We’ll see!

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