Starting a back yard garden

Back yard, wall facing west

Back yard, wall facing west

 I like my back yard.  It’s not very big, but it’s fenced in, and it’s very private, even though the neighbors’ houses are very close.  The picture above shows my mostly finished patio; the grassy strip between the patio and the fence is the area that I’m digging up to use as garden eventually.  I dug up most of that grass on Sunday.  Here’s another view of the future garden:


Back yard facing south, area to be planted

Back yard facing south, area to be planted

 The back yard has a southwest exposure and gets plenty of sun this time of year.  It should work for planting.  I’m also going to do container gardening, since I don’t have a lot of other space to use, and I want to get started soon.  The area above is going to have to be worked on some to get the soil in shape for planting.  Right now it’s very weedy and doesn’t retain moisture at all, so I’m going to have to work compost into it, at least until next summer.  (You can see half of the compost bin in the picture, that big black thing on the right.)

I’m pretty excited – even though there won’t be anything planted there for a while.

This is the rest of the back yard, facing the southwest corner.  The vine is honeysuckle, which smells divine.  You can barely see the neighbor’s back porch in the picture, and since this was taken you can’t see it at all as the purple flowering plant below the honeysuckle has grown up to meet it and completely blocked the view.

Honeysuckle on the fence

Honeysuckle on the fence

I have another pile of composting grass clippings in the corner, which you can still see slightly.  I had too many grass clippings for the compost bin, so I started a few more little piles.  I hope to have enough to put a couple of layers on the area that I want to plant next year.

The best thing about having a small yard?  The whole thing is just a few steps from my kitchen.  Easy to compost, easy to bring in the future fruits and veggies!


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