Short-attention-span Thursday

Ah, August in Florida – when the heat is brain-melting.  Hence, the short attention span.


I’m looking at Brian Williams on the nightly news from Beijing – it looks pretty smoggy.  I’d hate to have to run a marathon in that air.


My dog, Ralph, eats Iams Lamb and Rice.  I get it in the 40 pound bags, usually at Target.  It’s been $32 for the longest time – until this week, when it’s suddenly gone up to $40.  That’s a 25% increase!  Wow.  I guess it’s a combination of transportation costs and the increased cost of rice.


Gasoline is down to $3.79/gallon for regular at “my” station.  How long will it keep going down??


It’s ridiculous that I have to put on a coat when I get to work.  I took my Polartec 200 fleece jacket to work and it stays there, and I have to put it on as soon as I get in my office.  Ridiculous.


After four years of teaching online, I think the biggest difference between A and F students is that the A students read the directions.  Not the only difference, just the biggest.


So far, I haven’t gotten in 60 minutes of exercise a day, but I have managed 30.  That’s better than nothing, which is what I got the past two weeks.


This is from yesterday’s Freakonomics blog:  Did the Economic Stimulus Plan Overstimulate Some?  Apparently, some folks spent their economic stimulus checks on something – um – stimulating.  I wonder if that counts as stimulating the economy, too??



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