Friday’s links – o’ – the – day

Ah, Friday.  It’s good to be home.
Sometimes, good articles come in batches.  Here are some interesting posts that I ran across today:
From Saving to Invest, a post on oil prices and why this temporary lull won’t last: Oil’s Temporary Respite.  It addresses the question that I was pondering yesterday.
From Fabulously Broke in the CityTen Frugal Laundering Tips.  I do use dryer sheets, but I use the same one three or four times.  It still works.  I don’t do it for static, so much as for softening – I have what a dermatologist once called “twitchy” (i.e., supersensitive) skin, and I can’t tolerate scratchy (i.e., air-dried) T-shirts.
From Spilling BucketsHow to Save a Bunch of Money Buying Textbooks.  I can attest to all of these ideas, and stress the one that suggests checking at your college library.  We have quite a few textbooks on reserve; students can’t check them out, but they can use them in the library and make copies from them.  It can get you through the first week or two of class, if you’re waiting for a textbook to arrive from an online seller (or waiting for the bookstore to restock).  Of course, the really great instructors (ahem, such as yours truly) teach without having to lean on a textbook (jk, fellow instructors).  🙂
From Small, Batch Cooking: A Collection of Tips.  This one is a keeper for me; there are a lot of good ideas here.
From The Simple Dollar comes Fifty Ways to Have Fun By Yourself on the Cheap.  As a single person, I appreciate this – #29 is my favorite, of course!
From One Caveman’s Financial JourneyLibrary Book Sales Are Awesome – the title says it all!  Our public libraries here in Florida are hurting because of the state budget cuts.  This is a way to support them and practice frugality at the same time.


I was going to mow this evening, but it’s raining – oh darn.  Guess I’ll have to make popcorn and watch the Olympics instead.

2 responses to “Friday’s links – o’ – the – day

  1. Thanks so much for the link. The post by Saving to Invest is very well-informed, and I really like Simple Dollar’s list too.

  2. You’re welcome! I enjoy your blog very much.

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