Exercise and weight, week one

I haven’t gotten off to a very auspicious start.
Last week, I exercised exactly once, ate way too much ice cream, and didn’t lose any weight.  According to

My downfall

My downfall

the scale, I actually gained 2.5 pounds.  (Maybe some of it’s water…maybe??)  It was probably not the best time to start.  We were at half staff at work because of vacations and conferences, which always makes me antsy and therefore easily distracted.  There isn’t any reason for that, but it is what it is.  So…this week I start over.

This is a better week.  Our students don’t start back for another two weeks, but tomorrow is the beginning of new faculty orientation – so it will feel like the first day of school, in a way.  Things will be gearing up at work, so time will go by more quickly and I won’t feel like I’ve been slogging through a mental swamp when I get home every day.  (Long, dull hours on the reference desk without any reference questions…ugh.  I can’t wait for the students to get back.)
I did 45 minutes on my Reebok step this morning.  It actually went very well; I didn’t feel any physical problems until close to the end (my left quad started aching a little, and it’s fine now).  I should be able to maintain 45 minutes for the rest of this week, except for Friday.  Friday is going to have to be my day off.  I have to be at work an hour earlier on Fridays, and I can’t get up an hour earlier.  Besides, I need one day a week off, so Friday will be it.  On Saturday I’m going to walk for an hour, and Sunday I’ll walk to church (40 minutes each way).  Next week I’ll see if I can add on another 5 minutes to the step exercise, and another 5, and another 5 per week, which will get me to 60 minutes a day, 6 days a week.  That will meet the requirements of the study that I talked about last week.  The study authors found that the standard recommendation for exercise to promote weight loss (conventional wisdom, 30 minutes/day) wasn’t enough, and that 60 minutes per day of exercise was required for the women in their study to lose weight.  So – 60 minutes a day it is, or will be in three weeks.  I should start 60 minutes/day the week of Labor Day, right on Sept. 1.
I’ve also got to quit buying ice cream.  I can’t control my portion size with it.  Edy’s Whole Fruit bars are really good, 60 calories each, no fat, and completely satisfy my need for dessert.  So I’ll return to those instead.

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