Heavy duty chewing

Future chewing machines

Future chewing machines

If you have ever had or known a Labrador retriever, or read Marley and Me, you know that Labs can be prodigious chewers.  Ralph is no exception.  When I first got him, I had trouble keeping him in toys, because he chewed them up.  He went through rawhide bones in about an hour (then had diarrhea after), shredded soft toys, un-braided rope bones, and chewed the squeakers out of plastic toys.  It was a problem.

So, I went to PetSmart and asked them for their most indestructible chew item.  What they recommended was a Nylabone.  Nylabones are made of 100% nylon, infused with flavoring (Ralph likes chicken).  They come in two colors; one is white and one is kind of yellowish.  The white one is harder, and that’s what I got.  Tiny bits of it do get swallowed, but they are not sharp, and too small to do any damage (or cause any diarrhea).

Ralph loved it.  He chewed and chewed, and it took him weeks to gnaw it down.  After he’d gotten the first one worn down to a nub, he couldn’t really get a grip on it to chew it any more, but he’d still carry it around with him.  It stuck out the side of his mouth and made him look like Triumph the Comic Insult Dog.  (Insult Comic Dog?  I can’t remember which way it goes.)  It was hilarious.

Today I was at Barnes and Noble after work, which is right by PetSmart – and Ralph had chewed down another Nylabone to cigar length, so I got him a new one.  I’ve been in the habit of reading labels lately, to see how far things have traveled, and much to my surprise and delight, Nylabones are Made in U.S.A.!  I looked at fleece toys too, because Ralph’s much-loved fleece “man” is getting pretty threadbare – but they were all made in China.  That’s too much oil expended to get them here; I’m not going to reward that with my $$.  I’ll keep looking.  I might have a stuffed animal that I can repurpose as a dog toy.

So if you’re looking for a nearly-indestructible dog chew toy, I recommend a Nylabone.


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