Exercise and weight report, week 2

The good news is, I didn’t gain any weight this week.  The bad news is, I didn’t lose any.

I exercised 3 days – two days of step, one day of mowing the entire yard.  Each of those activities takes about 45 minutes.

I stuck to my calorie allotment pretty well, and I’m eating pretty healthy. 



So – not much to report; I can maintain my weight by keeping to the food diary and exercising 45 minutes per day, 3 days per week.  Obviously to lose weight I’m going to have to exercise more.  This week won’t be conducive to that; I have to be at work 1.5 hours early this week.  Our hours are changed just for this week, as this is our week between summer school and fall semester.

Although, if Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay knocks out the power, I’ll have plenty of time to exercise.  😛


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