Back to School: A Baker’s Dozen Research and Writing Resources for Students

It’s time to go back to college; our students come back next Monday.  I’ve put together some links that will

Back to the books

Back to the books

help ease the stress of writing papers, projects and research assignments for all college students. 

  1. How to Write a Fascinating Thesis Statement, from the website
  2. Using the Internet for Research:
  3. From the blog StudyHacks: Beyond Wikipedia: 15,731,298 References You Can’t Do Without
  4. The 2008 Statistical Abstract: The National Data Book, from U.S. Census Bureau
  5. Advice for Students: 10 Steps Towards Better Research, from, by Dustin Wax
  6. BrightPlanet: Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet
  7. Business and Industry Research Guides, Baker Library, Harvard Business School
  8. FedStats – Federal government statistics
  9. INFOMINE: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections, from University of California-Riverside
  10. New York Public Library Science, Industry and Business Research Guides
  11. The OWL at Purdue: Online Writing Lab 
  12. The Business Writing Center, University of North Carolina
  13. How Not to Plagiarize – from, also by Dustin Wax
A few of these are mostly for business students – sorry, I’m a business librarian; I can’t help myself.
Remember, your best friend at paper-writing time is your friendly local college librarian!  🙂
Have a great semester….

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