Stop calling me!

We have a primary election here tomorrow.  There is a mix of races on the ballot – one for city council, one for state attorney, one for the water district representative, and one to decide which of several Democratic candidates will face the independent challenger in November.  If no one gets a clear majority in the city council race, they have a runoff in October.

I’ve been getting calls for the past few days, but especially today – I’ve gotten five, at all hours of the day, and they’ve all been against some candidate.  I don’t know which one.  I don’t answer the phone when I don’t recognize the number, so all I get is the end of a pre-recorded voice message.  It’s not a real person, just a recording, and of course they start talking as soon as my message “answers” the phone, so I only get the last few words.

The thing is – I’ve already voted.  We have early voting here, as do a lot of places, and I took advantage of that on Saturday, the last day for early voting.  I hadn’t planned to do it, but I was walking into the public library and glanced in the open doors to their meeting room, and the ladies called out to ask me if I wanted to vote, so I did.  The library isn’t in my precinct, but it didn’t matter; they had ballots from every precinct in the county.  It will save me the hassle of having to do it before work tomorrow morning.

Since there’s not a real person on the phone for these obnoxiously repetitive phone calls, I can’t tell them to stop calling me.  Grrrr.  How can they possibly think that they can positively influence anyone to vote for their candidate, when they’re being so obnoxiously annoying?

I hate politics.


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