Goodbye Fay – hello Gustav??

Ah, the first day of school.  In college we actually have two first days, since our classes run on a MWF and TTh schedule.  So today and yesterday were our first days of school.  Even though I’ve worked all summer, it’s still kind of exciting on the first day, just because of the energy of all the students buzzing around campus.  And it’s good to be busy again – summer was pretty slow.

Yesterday was the first day of school for our public schools, too – again.  Last Monday was technically their first day, but thanks to Tropical Storm Fay, it was the only day they went to school last week.  So they started over yesterday.

We only missed one day of work last week.  Our students weren’t back, of course, so it didn’t affect classes, but registration was in full swing, and the administrators didn’t want to interrupt that.  They didn’t have much choice, though, on Thursday.  The worst of the storm was Wednesday night into Thursday morning, and there were power outages and trees down in places – and the flooding in our county was starting.  We were very fortunate in our neighborhood; no flooding, no outages, and very little debris.  My neighbor had a few smallish branches down, and there were some big palm fronds tossed around, but that was it.  Our storm drains worked well – and here on the beachside, most of the water soaks through the sand really fast.  Not so on the western side of the county; they’re still underwater in some places and will be for a few days.

And as of yesterday afternoon, there’s another storm out there – Gustav.  Right now it’s heading for Haiti, but the center of the “cone of probability” heads right over Florida.  So, maybe, here we go again. 

I don’t mind having one “hurricane day” off a year.  It’s kind of like a snow day.  But I’ve had it now; I don’t want any more.

Go away, Gustav.


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