51 things I know now that I’m 51

1.  I’m old enough to know better.
2.  I never have to wear uncomfortable shoes.
3.  I’m lucky to have work that I love.
4.  I’ve learned how to say “no” without feeling guilty.
5.  I dress for myself, not other people.
6.  Mildew-proof shower curtains aren’t.
7.  As roommates go, I prefer dogs to men.
8.  Nothing lasts forever.
9.  I know who to ask for advice.
10. I know whose advice I should ignore.
11. I’m more compassionate.
12. I’m less gullible.
13. I know my limits.
14. I don’t let opportunities slip through my fingers.
15. I don’t have to eat broccoli.
16. Or peas.
17. Nothing shocks me any more.
18. Reality is my friend.
19. I’m not afraid to travel by myself.
20. I’m a better driver.
21. I’m more open minded.
22. There are things that I’ll never understand and that’s okay.
23. I’m content with my own thoughts.
24. I don’t feel the need to have the latest anything.
25. I know I can’t save the world.
26. But every little bit helps.
27. Perfection is not necessary.
28. Chocolate is necessary.
29. I have more patience.
30. I’ve learned how to entertain myself while waiting in lines.
31. Someone that knows how to cut my hair is a valuable person.
32. Life’s too short to rush through it.
33. I know when to pay attention.
34. Bobby McFerrin was right. (Don’t worry, be happy.)
35. I don’t take the ability to walk for granted.
36. The smartest thing I’ve done is to not smoke.
37. Less is truly more.
38. I’m glad I was old enough to see the first moon landing.
39. I’m glad I was too young for Woodstock.
40. The most important characteristic anyone can have is a sense of humor.
41. Mick Jagger was right. (You can’t always get what you want.)
42. It’s okay to have regrets; it’s not okay to dwell on them.
43. Good fences really do make good neighbors.
44. Whoever invented stretch denim should get the Nobel prize.
45. There will always be someone at the beach who looks worse in a swimsuit than I do.
46. Good schools and low property taxes are mutually exclusive.
47. One doesn’t necessarily grow out of motion sickness.
48. Moderation in everything.
49. Retail therapy isn’t therapeutic in the long run. Sometimes not even in the short run.
50. Panic never helps.
51. Kindness always helps.

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