Three things you’d save in an emergency

Sara at On Simplicity considered what three things she would save in an emergency, after essentials (family, friends, pets and medical needs are all considered essentials).  Her answers were her photos, external hard drive, and a pair of high heels (!).  There were a lot of comments, and most people said that two of their three would be their important papers and their photos.  I think those should be considered essentials as

Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew

well.  So – with important papers, pictures, family, friends, pets and prescriptions already packed in the car – what three things would I take?

  1. My favorite shirt – a Banana Republic T-shirt I got years ago.  I love that shirt.  It’s soft, comfy, oversized, and has a cool map of the Caribbean on the back.  I don’t think I’d find another just like it.
  2. My laptop – since I teach online, I’d have to have a way to keep in touch with the students.  And there are pictures on it that I don’t have in print form.
  3. The afghan that my grandmother made, that my mom slept under on the couch when she was sick as a kid.

It’s amazing how many things I thought of, then realized that the thing would be completely replaceable.  My homeowners’ insurance covers personal possessions (furniture, clothing, kitchen stuff, etc.) to the tune of half of the value of my house.  That’s a lot of personal possessions.  I don’t have nearly that much now.

This was an interesting exercise, though.  Think about it – how many things that you own, other than photos, are truly irreplaceable??


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