Too many dogs??

This post from Tuesday at Dogster’s For the Love of Dog Blog caught my attention.  It points to a story from California about a couple who own more dogs than the city allows.  The city’s limit is two; the couple owns 14.  Apparently they’re mostly Chihuahuas.  They keep them in crates for the most part.  They also had 14 cats, but ten of them have been picked up by a cat rescue organization, which leaves them with the allowable 4 cats. 
Apparently the dogs were not being mistreated, but the question is – were they being cared for like they should be?  It seems to me like having 14 dogs would be like having 14 kids.  How can you give each of them all the attention they deserve?  And, when you have 14 kids, by the time you get to the 14th, the first and second are teenagers and pretty independent.  Dogs don’t ever get independent; having a dog is like having a perpetual 5 year old, no matter how old the dog gets.
When my beautiful Ralph is no longer with me, I will eventually get another dog – or two.  I don’t know that my house is big enough for two Labrador retrievers – but it is big enough for two greyhounds.  That’s my plan for now; when I’m ready to be a parent again, I’d like to adopt two retired greyhounds.  Greyhounds like to be with other greyhounds, even more than any other breed of dog.  Since they were raised with other greyhounds, it’s calming for them.  When I had my beautiful Alex, I noticed that when we visited other greyhounds, he seemed to enjoy it, more than meeting some other breed of dog.  However, I think two dogs is plenty.  There isn’t a group discount, after all.  Two dogs means two adoption fees, two vet bills, twice the food, twice the toys…the only thing that is discounted is the kennel, and that’s not much of a discount.  It

Twice the treats

Twice the treats

gets expensive.  Some people who get in trouble for having too many animals lost their grip on the situation because they couldn’t afford to keep taking care of all of them.

I love dogs, more than most people.  I wish I had the space and the money and the time to take in all the homeless dogs in the country.  But the reality is that I don’t have the space or time or money for more than two at a time.   That’s the best I can do.

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