I hadn’t been to the farmers’ market for about three weeks, so I went to stock up this morning – and one

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

person had strawberries!!  Woo hoo!!  They are delicious.  I don’t know exactly where they’re from, but they weren’t packaged, so I’m thinking they’re local.  They were 3 pints for $4.00, which is considerably cheaper than the grocery store at 2 pints for $5.00.  And they are great.  I came right home and sliced up a whole pint and ate them, with just a little sugar sprinkled on.

I also got South Carolina peaches, $1.00/lb.  There were Georgia peaches at another stand, but they were hard as rocks.  The SC ones were ready to eat.  I got green onions, $0.50/bunch (more fried rice in my future), new red potatoes, $1.00/lb, and Roma tomatoes, $1.50/lb.  I also got red peppers, 2 for $3.00.  That’s the only price that I’m not sure is better than the grocery store.  They’re $4.00/lb at the store; I’m not sure what the ones I got today weigh.  They’re nicer than the ones at the store, though.  I’m looking forward to growing my own next year.

I’m still feasting on zucchini/pineapple bread that I made last month – and now strawberries!!  I love this farmers’ market stuff.  I spent $15.00 total, and I feel like I got a lot of quality produce for that.  None of it will go to waste, for sure.


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