The good and bad of rain

My yard looks pretty good right now.  It’s cut, so it’s evenly green; you can’t tell that half of the green is weeds.  That’s the good of the rain – the bare brown spots in the lawn go away, because they’re covered by weeds.  As long as it stays cut, and you can’t tell that the growth patterns are uneven between the weeds and the grass, it looks good from the street. 

My flowers look good too, even if they are all wildflowers.  The daisy-like things are back under control; they got a little out of hand with all the rain and I had to do some pruning and some pulling up by the roots.  They’re in their confined area now, and they look nice.  The purple iris-like things are blooming up a storm.  Unfortunately they only bloom in the morning and close up in the afternoon, so I don’t get to appreciate them as much as I’d like.  The lantana is blooming really well too, since it’s not shaded now by the overgrowth of the daisy-like things. 

The main thing I’ve learned so far from my landscaping project is that once you have an area “done” the way you want it to look, it takes constant maintenance to keep it that way.  I have two pea gravel walkways finished; every day I pull a couple of little weeds out of them that are trying to get a foothold.  I didn’t do maintenance on the daisies as well as I should have, and they got out of hand.  Now they’re back to where I want them, and I’ll be more vigilant to keep them that way.  I have my driveway edged now, and every few days I have to get out the old manual edger and go over it again, to keep the nice edged look.

I bought 80 bricks at Lowes (they’re the cheapest edgers; less than 50 cents each), and laid half of them last Sunday.  I’m using them along the public sidewalk, to help keep that edged.  (One of my neighbors did the edging for me once when the sidewalk was almost overgrown – embarrassing.)  My water meter is on the edge of the yard along that sidewalk too, and this will keep its cover clear for the city guys.  I’ll lay the other half this weekend.  It really looks nice.  I got the opposite side of that sidewalk pretty well edged, but that’s another one I’m going to have to keep after.

The bad of rain is that everything grows so fast.  It rains for a couple of days, then it’s sunny for a couple, and the plants are just going nuts.  They love it.  But it gives me a lot more work and maintenance problems.  It’s like everything else, you have to take the good with the bad.  If I had to choose, I think for my yard, too much rain is better than too little.  When it’s dry, my yard looks pretty ragged.  With the rain, it’s easier for me to fool the passersby into thinking my yard is well-kept, when it’s really still full of weeds.  But, hey, if you can fool all of the people some of the time, that’s pretty good.


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