Another effect of oil prices

I get my hair colored.  Beneath my customary strawberry blonde is nearly 100% gray hair.  I started coloring when I was about 50% gray; the color instantly made me look 10 years younger.  There are many people, including my parents and sister, who look great with gray or white hair.  It suits their coloring.  It doesn’t suit mine.  It washes me out and ages me a lot.  So, I get it colored.

I don’t do it myself.  I go to a friend of mine, JS, who is about my age and has been doing hair for about 30 years.  She does a great job with the cut, and uses the good color, which is gentle on my hair and doesn’t leave it dull, dry or burned-out looking.  It’s not the most frugal approach, but to me it’s worth it.  The hour and a half that it takes is very relaxing for me, and I get to catch up with my friend, since it’s about the only time I see her these days.

Today, as I was getting ready to pay, JS apologized and said she had had to increase her rates.  Her costs for supplies have gone up 45%.  The charge for my cut and color would be $5 more.  She said I didn’t have to pay the increase until next month, but I went ahead and did it today.  I said I was amazed at a 45% increase and asked why it happened.  Her answer?


Higher-quality hair color products are made with some petroleum-based ingredients.  Therefore, due to the higher cost of oil, the cost of hair color is higher as well.  I had no idea that hair color was made partly from oil, but I’m not really surprised.  It seems to be in everything that’s not edible.

Now, with Ike closing the Gulf refineries, our gasoline costs are going up again.  The price at “my” station jumped 20 cents overnight from Thursday to Friday, from $3.73 to $3.93/gallon.  I also saw an article that said that the Saudis had walked out of an OPEC meeting, to the effect of leaving OPEC entirely.  I have no idea what that might mean for oil prices, but I’d guess that move would increase instability, which is not good news.

Gotta hide the hair somehow.

Gotta hide the hair somehow.


I may eventually just have to wear a hat all the time.


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