This is ridiculous.

I was driving in to work, listening to the radio, and heard the DJ announce a new poll that had been taken – “Which of the presidential candidates would you rather go to a football game with?” 
Oh, for pete’s sake.  Why does anyone even take a poll like that?  Who cares about that? 
The other day I taught a research skills class to a group of freshman education majors.  Their assignment was to find out where each of the candidates stood on education, and give a presentation about that.  I pointed out several web sites that they could go to for the information and for unbiased evaluation of the information.  They were surprised at some of the information that was available to them.
Why isn’t anyone talking about that?  There have been a lot of bad campaigns, in terms of taking the low road rather than talking about the issues, but this is the worst one I can remember.  Is the average person going to take the time to read several different websites, carefully, about where each candidate stands?  No.  Is anyone in the general media talking about the issues in detail, in an effort to inform the public?  No.  Instead, we get poll results about who you’d rather accompany to a football game.
We get the government we deserve.
Good grief.

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