A hint of fall

No pretty leaves here though

No pretty leaves here though

It’s still pretty hot here.  Everyone else in the country would probably consider that we are still in the throes of summer, and most days they’d be right.  But, for the past two days, we’ve had a hint of Florida fall.

The humidity has been down, and there’s a different feel in the air.  It’s the weather’s hint to us that our long summer will be over soon.

It’s also cooler.  Our highs are in the 84-85 degree range rather than 90-91.  You might not think that’s enough difference to matter, but it does.

As a result, I can do more outdoor work – spend more of the day outside.  I mowed the entire yard yesterday without feeling at any point like I was going to faint.  It was great.

When I get back from vacation, we should be in Florida fall mode for good.

I can’t wait.  🙂


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