A new bundle of joy!

Big sister Mei

Two years ago, the Atlanta Zoo welcomed its first newborn giant panda.  Her name was Mei Lan, and she was born to mom Lun Lun and dad Yang Yang.  Now she’s a teenager, in panda years.

Now, Mei has a little brother!  He doesn’t have a name yet; pandas are named when they are 100 days old.  He had a little trouble in his first couple of days of life, but is now fine and gaining weight like a champ.

You can monitor his progress in the zoo’s panda update blog, and you can watch him and his mom on Panda Cam, Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm.  He’s hard to see sometimes, because Mom is huddled over him to keep him warm, but she’ll leave him occasionally to go eat something, and then you can spot him.  He’s starting to get his black markings and to fill out so that he looks like a real panda.  In other words, he’s about to become very, very cute!


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