Salad futures and options

I planted my lettuce last night.  Since lettuce likes it cool, I’d been keeping the seeds in the fridge (recommended by one of my gardening books).  I planted them in the evening, so they’d have a cool

Grow, baby, grow!

Grow, baby, grow!

overnight before the day warms up.

I’m using a wooden planter, and I’m keeping it on the rear corner of my patio, which doesn’t get sun until mid-afternoon, as it’s on the west side of the house.  I used soil-less planting mix, which I got at Lowes.  I watered it first, so it would be cooler.  I didn’t plant the seeds with any precision; I just sprinkled them on the surface then roughed up the surface a little bit with my small rake thingy (what do you call those?).  Then I watered it again.

I’m using mesclun mix, so I should get some nice varieties of leaf lettuce.  I’m going to plant another pot in two weeks, so I’ll have more lettuce maturing at a different time.  I may plant a third pot, depending on how it goes, or I may just wait until these pots are close to exhausted and then plant them again.

On Saturday I paid $5.00 for two bags of organic lettuce – and that was on sale.  My packet of seeds cost $1.49, and I should get a lot more than two bags from it!  All the books say that lettuce is easy to grow; one says that if you’re only going to grow one crop, lettuce should be it.  It’s certainly going to save me a lot of money at the store if it works out.  Lettuce is one thing they didn’t seem to have at the farmers’ market either, except for romaine.  I love salad.  This is exciting.

I’m not sure what I’ll try next.  I definitely want to grow peppers next summer, since they’re also expensive, but I could grow another cool weather crop.  Hmmm.


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