Vital statistics

My weight this morning: 175.5.  That is four pounds less than when I started keeping a food diary again, on 10/15.

Today is the day I can turn off the A/C.  It’s been cooler lately, but also very humid.  Today it is cool and dry, and by Wednesday the nighttime temperatures are going to be in the 40s.  The house will cool down nicely and should stay cool enough to avoid turning the a/c back on when it warms back into the low 80s.

I voted yesterday.  I thought I was going to vote last Saturday, but early voting hadn’t started yet.  I got to the library at 9:00, and there was already a line – I had about a 15 minute wait.  There was quite a mix of people too – much more diverse than the usual elderly crowd I see at the polls.

I’ve changed my savings pattern – I was putting it all into short-term savings.  Now I’ve diverted a chunk of it into long-term savings, which is in a HSBC account earning 3% interest.  That will build the emergency fund more quickly.

And, finally, the lettuce is sprouting!  I only planted it a week ago, so it sprouted in about 3 days.  I’ve been thinning it some, and will probably have to thin more.  I didn’t plant methodically; I just scattered the seeds over the surface.  Even though the sprouts are tiny, I can already see different types of lettuce in the batch.  I’m so pleased – my first week as a gardener is a success!


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