The little engine that could

The little engine that could

When I was in Wales, we took the train on one very cold day up the slopes of Mt. Snowdon, the highest peak in the UK.  We only went 2/3 of the way to the summit because of weather conditions, and got sleeted on while we were there.

The picture is of the engine that took us there.  It’s a steam engine, and as you can see it’s not very big.  The track was pretty steep in places, and the engine was going pretty slowly sometimes, but little by little it pushed us up the mountain.

That’s what weight loss is like.  Little by little, it comes off. 

The hardest part is to stay motivated.  I find motivation in several places:

  1. I challenge myself on the food diary.  How many days can I keep my calorie intake under the recommended number?
  2. I challenge myself on exercise.  How long can I stay on the step?
  3. I have my favorite pair of jeans, which are much too tight right now, hanging prominently in my closet.  I think every day about how badly I want to be able to wear those again.
  4. In the grocery store, when I’m tempted to buy something that I always go overboard with (ice cream, chips), I think about how yucky I feel after I’ve overindulged, and how that would delay me reaching my goals.

My weight this morning is 175.5.

I’m getting there.  Little by little.


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