Status report

My weight this morning = 174.5 pounds.

My power bill this month = $58.00.  That’s mostly because I was gone for two weeks.  The A/C is off for the year now, so this month’s power bill should be low as well.  If we don’t get cold spells that last more than a day or two, I might be able to keep it low (by not turning on the heat pump) for another couple of months.

I was under budget for last month – woo hoo!  I was able to pay the last bit of trip expense without dipping into savings at all.

The gravel walk from the front to the side of the house is almost done; I need about four more bags of gravel and it will be finished.  I also need a few more bricks to finish the sidewalk area, and a few more edgers to finish the patio.  After all that is accomplished, I want to start planting flowers.  I also want a live oak for the front yard, to shade the east side of the house.  I’ll have to go to the nursery for that.

The lettuce is getting taller; it doesn’t look like lettuce yet.  I’ve thinned it out quite a bit; it may need more thinning.  I got my carrot, pepper and tomato seeds for next spring – two kinds of tomatoes, cherry for eating and plum for making tomato sauce. 

My coupon for the digital-analog TV converter is on the way, as is a $25.00 gift card to Target courtesy of my credit card points.  That will pay for an antenna.  I hope to be able to cancel the cable by the first of the year.

I’m still thinking about a freezer. 

Since it’s Sunday, here’s a picture of St. David’s Cathedral in St. Davids, Wales.


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