Stephen King

I haven’t read a lot of Stephen King’s books, although I’ve read several.  Some of them are just too bloody for me.  I read the first few pages of The Cell and had to put it down.  Yuck.  I like his books that are more other-wordly, like The Stand and The Green Mile.  But it’s been a while since I read anything he wrote.

When his book Duma Key came out last year, I wanted to read it.  It sounded interesting, and it takes place

A good place to recuperate

A good place to recuperate

in Florida.  But I didn’t get a chance until I found it in the public library last weekend.  I’m about halfway through it, and I’m not disappointed.  It’s terrific so far.  It’s the story of a successful building contractor who gets seriously injured in a work accident and loses his right arm.  His life falls apart, he gets divorced, and moves to Duma Key, Florida, for a change of scenery and to heal.  He starts painting as a new avocation, and strange things start happening.  He can predict the future with his paintings.  Foreshadowing indicates that something bad is going to happen eventually.  (It’s a Stephen King book, of course something bad is going to happen!)

I’d forgotten what a terrific writer Stephen King is.  If you’re a fan of his at all, and you haven’t read Duma Key, I recommend it highly.


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