Saving money

Yesterday’s task for the Save $1000 in 30 Days Challenge was to enlist the help, or at least the cooperation, of your friends and family.  Today’s was to get your cell phone bill reduced.
My family has decided, for the second year in a row, to not exchange Christmas gifts.  That would not have been my choice, but I’m outnumbered.  It will save me money, though.  I probably would have spent about $150.
I don’t have friends who spend a lot of money, or who shop as a hobby.  I don’t have roommates, so I don’t have any arguments about thermostat settings or appliance use.  No savings there.
My cell phone is $35.00/month.  I already have it bundled in with my internet and land line.  I think this is probably much lower than the average.  I rarely text and I never go over my minutes.  No savings there.
The last time I put gas in the car, it was $2.99/gallon; this morning it was $2.19.  There’s some savings right there! 

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