Becoming a locavore



I have a small back yard.  I’d never be able to plant as much as I’d like to and still have room for doggies to roam.  It’s also expensive to get started, with pots and seeds and soil (of course once the garden is established, the cost drops).  Not to mention the time factor involved…anyway, for several reasons, I’ve been investigating CSAs. 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture (I’m pretty sure).  Basically, a local farm sells shares of its harvest throughout the year, and individuals can subscribe to a share for a year.  Some farms require that the subscribers put in some work on the farm; some don’t.  You pick up a box at a designated location every week, and what’s in it is whatever the farm harvested that week.  It has the potential to introduce you to new veggies and therefore new recipes. 

All that sounded excellent to me, so I started looking for a CSA nearby.  Turns out there aren’t any that are very close by.  The closest one is about an hour away.  But it’s a drive through the country, on a Saturday morning, no interstates involved – could be a nice outing every week.

This particular CSA has chicken, eggs, pork and goat in addition to vegetables.  They don’t have fruit.  The cost is $18/week; you pay by the month.  They don’t cover the entire year – I believe it’s November through June.  That price sounds pretty good to me, considering that it includes meat and eggs.  I’d still have to buy groceries, of course, and grow fruit.  I’d also definitely have to get that freezer I’ve been thinking about.

I got an email from the farmer yesterday, and they’re having an open house in two weeks.  That should be fun!  I’m hoping that I can sign up for a share then.  From what he said, it sounds like they still have some available.

I’m excited about this!


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