Computers are weird.

I hadn’t been able to get online at home for days.  I tried everything I could think of – ran the diagnostic,

Ineffective, yet strangely satisfying

Ineffective, yet strangely satisfying

unplugged and plugged back in the modem and router, restarted the computer.  Nothing worked.  I started to think I was going to need a new computer.  Oh no.  Just to check, I took the computer to work, where we have WiFi – and it worked fine.  I got online with no problem.  Hmph.  I brought the computer back home and tried it again…no go.

I’d been waiting until this weekend to do anything about it.  I was anticipating a long session online with an AT&T service rep.  I turned on the computer to update my budget, then decided I would try it one more time – and – voila.  It worked.  Here I am, online.  I didn’t do anything differently.  It’s a complete mystery.  Computers are weird.

Anyway, I should be caught up and back on blogging schedule by tomorrow morning.



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