A blacker Friday than usual

I used to do the Black Friday thing.  When I was younger and living elsewhere, a friend and I would get up early and head for the malls.  But I haven’t done it lately.  Stores opening at 4:00 am; people waiting in line for two days to get into the store…forget that.  I’ve never seen anything in a Black Friday ad that I thought was worth doing either of those things, or fighting the crowds.  I heard on the news that a man was trampled to death at a Wal-Mart somewhere.  That’s just inhuman, for things like that to happen.

I usually stay home on Black Friday, but yesterday I did go out, twice.  I went to Lowes in the morning, to get some mulch and border edging and plants (ground cover cypress and two more lantanas).  It was maybe a little more crowded than a typical Saturday morning, but not much – at least not much in the garden area.  The parking lot did look more full, so it may have been very busy in the main store.  I guess garden supplies are not necessarily a popular Christmas present.

I went to a high school football game last night.  My friend’s daughter plays in the band at Mainland High School in Daytona Beach, and they had a playoff game last night.  I drove out to meet them at Publix so I could ride to the game with them – and traffic was heavy, but not much more than a usual Friday evening.

So I don’t know how Black Friday went in this area.  I don’t personally know anyone who went shopping yesterday.  Maybe it went well and people spent lots of money. 

It was definitely a black day for the Wal-Mart employee who got trampled to death and his family.  What kind of greed would make you be a part of that?


2 responses to “A blacker Friday than usual

  1. Sad, pity we have fallen in such depth – self over others.


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