Lettuce attack!

Something has been digging in my lettuce container.   It didn’t take any lettuce.  Whatever sort of critter it was just dug a (fairly deep) hole in the corner of the pot.  I was able to rearrange the soil and only a couple of plants were dislodged, so no real harm was done.

I don’t think it was a cat, using the pot as a litter box.  For one thing, a cat is bigger than the pot itself and would have done more damage, I think.  For another, whatever it was didn’t leave behind any “litter.”  Just a hole.

Ralph wasn’t interested in it either, which is even more curious.  If some new critter has been wandering around in our yard, he’s usually on the trail immediately – and he didn’t even look at the pot, much less sniff at it.

So it’s a mystery.  The good news is that the lettuce doesn’t seem to be harmed.  Meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed the lettuce I got at the CSA farm immensely.  It stayed fresh for over a week.  I’ll get more this weekend in my first box – can’t wait to see what else is in it.


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