Food stains

I am one of those unfortunate people who should always wear black when eating anything with tomato sauce.  I don’t know how many shirts and sweaters I’ve ruined over the years with food stains.  It doesn’t seem to be something you grow out of. 

Last week I pulled out my favorite cotton sweater to wear to work, and it had a big stain on the front.  It wasn’t tomato sauce; it was yellowish, and pretty large.  I honestly don’t remember dripping anything on that sweater, ever.  I pretreated and washed it, and it faded a little, but not completely.  Rats.  I hardly ever wear sweaters, this being Florida, but I have a few that I like and have had for many years now.  And that was my favorite.  I guess I’ll be wearing it around the house now.

And then yesterday I did it again.  It wasn’t tomato sauce this time either; it was blackberry jam.  I was holding the last bite of my PB&J, and dropped it, and it bounced down the front of me, leaving its mark on my second favorite sweater.  Argh.  I rinsed it with cold water immediately, but it’s still visible.  I’ve been walking around with my arms crossed all day.  Maybe it’ll come out in the wash, or maybe I’ve got a new around-the-house sweater.  It wasn’t new, and I’d gotten plenty of wear out of it, but still.

I am such a klutz.  Sheesh.


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