Blackberry bread boondoggle

I’ve been baking a lot lately; I’ve made several different recipes of fruit and/or vegetable quick breads, and they’ve all turned out great, if I do say so myself.  I’ve been getting the recipes off the internet, and so far they’ve all been winners.



At this point, I still had high hopes.

At this point, I still had high hopes.


This week, Publix had blackberries on sale.  I love blackberries.  They still weren’t all that cheap ($4.00/2), but they don’t go on sale very often.  I thought I’d try to make some bread with them, because I’ve been enjoying the other breads I’ve made so much.  I found a recipe on, and went to work.  I ate one container of blackberries, which left the rest for the bread – two cups, as the recipe called for.


Going in, I thought the recipe looked a little odd as far as the amounts of the ingredients.  Specifically, it seemed like there was too little flour and too much oil.  But, I thought, that’s what the recipe says, so that’s what I’ll do.


They baked for 60 minutes, and looked done at that point, and a toothpick came out clean in both loaves (the recipe made two).  So I took them out, cooled for 5 minutes in the pans as instructed, then turned them over to dump them out to finish cooling. And – only the center parts fell out.  And they were basically sludge.  They had baked, and the crust had risen and browned, but the inner part never solidified.  Argh. 


Several things could have gone wrong. 

  • I could have baked them longer – but then the crust and outer edges would have burned.  (The outer part was fine.  I ate a piece of it for breakfast this morning.) 
  • There could have been too many blackberries.  The recipe called for two cups, but usually there is only one or 1 ½ cups of fruit per recipe.  And these blackberries were really big; maybe they were too big.
  • The ingredient amounts may have been wrong.  Especially the oil – the recipe called for 1 ¼ cups, even after 4 eggs, and the dough seemed kind of oily even when it was all mixed in.  I’ve never seen another recipe using that much oil with that many eggs.

 So I wasted some blackberries and eggs and other stuff yesterday.  I hate wasting food – especially something like those blackberries.  Rats.


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