My first CSA box

I drove up to the farm on Saturday and got my first “box” (actually, it’s

Too hot to handle

Too hot to handle

BYOB – Bring Your Own Bags).  For $10, I got ½ pound of red leaf lettuce (all leaves – nothing inedible), 8 eggs, 2 navel oranges (thin skinned, seedless, and so sweet!), 3 hot peppers (“wear gloves when you cut them,” he says – yikes), and several yellow spicy peppers.  Considering it’s all organic, and supporting a local farmer, I think that’s a pretty good deal, even including gas.  Regular unleaded is $1.69 here now, so it cost about $5.10 in gas for me to get up there and back.  I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get 5 or 6 heads of organic red leaf lettuce for $15.10, much less along with all the rest of the stuff.



It’ll probably be about the same this Saturday.  He’s taking 12/27 off.  I’m hoping that after this week, when it starts back up on January 3, there’ll be more variety, if some of the other crops are starting to come in.  I’m also going to ask him this week about getting some tilapia.


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