Hot vs. spicy peppers

When the farmer at my CSA farm told me I’d be getting both hot and spicy peppers in my box, I wasn’t sure what the difference was.  I’d never had a spicy pepper before.  I like spicy food, but not too hot.  The “medium”

Nope, no way.

Nope, no way.

version of Old El Paso salsa is about as hot as I can take it.  Habanero peppers?  Forget it.



I got three hot, red peppers last Saturday in the box.  The farmer said to wear gloves when I cut them.  I thought to myself, “I’m not going to eat anything that I have to wear gloves to handle!”  My boss loves hot food and cooks with hot peppers a lot, so I brought them to her.  As long as I get them on Saturdays, she’ll get them on Mondays.


I also got about 10 yellow spicy peppers.  They are small and mostly round, and kind of wrinkled.  I tasted the first one, and it was definitely spicy, but definitely not hot.  There was no heat to it at all.  Interesting – I’d never experienced that phenomenon before.


I still haven’t made up my mind about them.  I chopped up a couple of them in my salad on Monday, and the flavor dominated every bite.  It wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t crazy about it either.  I had considered putting some in spaghetti sauce, but I’m thinking they would probably dominate every bite of that too, and I don’t want that to happen.  I’m going to have to think of something else to do with them.  Until I do, I may have to cut them up and freeze them.


And my boss may end up with some of them as well.  J


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