The 16 days of Christmas

Another semester has come and gone – this is our last day of school for two weeks.  (Actually, the students don’t start coming back until 1/12, which is three weeks, but we have to be back to work a week before that.)  There are a lot of good reasons to be in the education field, but one of them is definitely this two week break at the holidays.


There are actually 16 days between now and January 5, when we come back.  The weather is usually at its best this time of year, so I’d like to get as much done outdoors as I can.  Therefore, I have assigned myself 16 tasks to accomplish over the break, one for each day.  That should leave time each day as well for walking, reading, baking, and other fun pursuits.  The tasks are:


  1. Finish the trim area around my back patio, including installing the solar lights I already have
  2. Finish edging the back yard path
  3. Finish edging the front sidewalk
  4. Trim all the shrubs
  5. Mulch around the tree in the front yard
  6. Mulch around the oleander in the front yard

    Gotta have the right tools

    Gotta have the right tools

  7. Finish edging the city sidewalk
  8. Edge the area where the junipers are planted
  9. Finish digging out the juniper area and plant another juniper
  10. Bleach and paint the area of the exterior wall that is wooden and mildewed
  11. Plant some carrots
  12. Begin digging out the weeds around the north side of the house
  13. Begin spreading stone in that area
  14. Clean and sort the garage workbench
  15. Deep clean main bathroom
  16. Dig weeds out of the northeast corner of the front yard and plant some beach sunflower there


Now, I’m a great one for making lists.  Except for a grocery list, I don’t remember that I’ve ever completely crossed all the items off a list.  I get off to a good start then I run out of steam.  This time, I’m going to do my best to finish this list in the time allotted.  Weather may be a factor; I’ve got a few indoor things on there, but if we have a long spell of rain and/or cold, I may be indoors more than planned.


We’ll see how it goes.


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