Another food-related dilemma

If you have a pet, go read this post from Crunchy Chicken.  In short, it says that ingredient listings on pet foods can be extremely misleading.  “Byproducts” come from rendering plants, which can include roadkill and euthanized animals, including those from shelters – i.e., other pets.




When I had my greyhound, Alex, I fed him Sensible Choice lamb and rice, dry and canned (more canned towards the end of his life, when he didn’t have much appetite).  He lived to be 13 ½.  I started Ralph out on the dry form of it too, but it ended up getting recalled along

I wonder what is in fish food?

I wonder what is in fish food?

with everything else during the first melamine episode.  It was only sold at the feed store, which is considerably out of my way, and after I had gone there twice and they didn’t have any, I gave up and switched him to Iams lamb and rice, which I could get at the grocery store or Target.  He’s 12 now and going strong, so it seems that he is doing well on the Iams.


I’ve had dogs eat or try to eat all kinds of disgusting things.  Alex picked up a dead rat once, which I managed to get away from him.  He also liked cat poop.  My friend’s Lab-collie-shepherd mix would go through the neighbors’ garbage and also eat dead things that he found in the woods.  He lived to be 14.  So, I’m not sure that a diet of questionable ingredients is going to hurt a dog – at least not a big dog.  With a smaller dog, I might be more concerned.  However, it does point out that ingredient lists cannot necessarily be trusted.


There is another lesson from this, I think: when your pet comes to his last days and you have to put him down, have him cremated.  Alex’s ashes are buried out in the country on a friend’s property, and Ralph’s will be too.  I can be pretty darn sure that neither of them will end up in some other animal’s dinner.


What a disgusting and distressing thought.


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