Second trial of the solar oven

After my cornbread experiment on Sunday, I decided to conduct another trial.  Yesterday, I tried baking potatoes in the solar oven.  I had them in by 10:00 am, to get the maximum sunshine possible, and I kept moving it when needed so it was in direct sunlight and facing right at the sun.

The cookbook said that the potatoes should take 4 to 6 hours.  I brought them inside at 4:00, after 6 hours.  They were not quite done.  I popped one in the microwave to finish it so I could eat, and stuck the rest in the fridge – I’ll try making fried potatoes from them.

It’s been exceptionally warm here, with temps in the 80s for the last two days, so there was as much heat available to the oven as possible on a December day.  And both trials didn’t quite finish in the oven.

My conclusions:

  1. The solar oven really is easy to use.
  2. Even on a warm, bright, sunshiny day in central Florida in December, cooking times were longer than predicted.
  3. The oven is not an efficient method of cooking. 
  4. But, if there was no electricity, it would be a great way to make hot food (assuming no clouds).
  5. I expect that it will work much better in the summer, with the sun overhead beating down on it for hours, and the outside temperature around 90 degrees.
  6. Summer is when we expect most of our electrical outages, because of hurricanes.
  7. So I’m glad I have it!  I’m looking forward to trying it in the summer.

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