The new freezer

On Christmas Eve, Santa came to my house in the form of two Sears delivery men, who brought my new chest freezer.  It’s a 7.2 cu. ft., which is plenty big.  I can just reach the bottom when I lean over the edge.  I put it in the corner of the family room; there wasn’t room for it in the garage, and it’s usually too hot out there anyway.

I immediately filled it up about halfway with ice.  I unloaded the kitchen freezer of its ice and put it in the chest, then made more ice by filling up Gladware-type food containers with water.  I also moved over the bags of ice that I made in quart freezer bags, and I’m going to make more of those.  The freezer also contains two pizzas, two packages of bacon, two loaves of bread, and the cornbread that I made in the solar oven on Sunday.

Its main function, though, will be to hold ice.  When the hurricane comes, and everyone else is battling it out for ice at the store, I’ll have my ice already.  If the power is out and the ice melts, it’s a good source of clean drinking water.  Until the power goes out, the chest freezer is a good cooler – I can put everything else from the fridge in there.

Gotta go now – I’m going to make more ice.  🙂


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